9am service: Footsteps of Faith: Sola Fide

Date 18th October 2017  by Administration  

What does it mean when people or Christians say that we are justified by faith alone?   Does this Biblical truth give you comfort or does it confuse you?    You might believe this truth, but do your actions prove otherwise?  This morning Pastor Jack De Vries will consider ‘by faith alone’ (sola fide in Latin) as

5pm service: Don’t Be Religious

Date 12th October 2017  by Administration  

In Matthew 23 Jesus condemns the religious attitude of the Pharisees. They don’t  practice what they preach. They make it all about following the rules rather than having a personal relationship with God. They only care about what the public things, and not what God thinks. For them it was all about status, rather than

9am service: Solus Christus: Who is Jesus to you?

Date 12th October 2017  by Administration  

The Reformation was basically a ‘back to the Bible’ movement. The church at the time had strayed from the Bible, and the Reformers tried to bring it back to that foundation. We talked about that last week. The medieval church had twisted the gospel message and added teaching about what we must add to the

5pm service: Simplicity

Date 05th October 2017  by Administration  

What is the essence of the Christian life?    What is key to following Jesus?    Life can get quite complicated but in this message Pastor Jack will share how simplicity leads to a hope-filled life. Bible Passage: Psalm 131 Pastor: Jack De Vries – Ministry Formation

9am service: Sola Scriptura: What does the Bible mean to you?

Date 05th October 2017  by Administration  

On the 31st October 1517, Martin Luther mailed his 95 theses onto the church door in Wittenberg. He had no idea that his actions would change the course of history. He hoped to spark debate about church practices he considered corrupt. Instead he ignited a revolution whose flames burn bright to this day. Michael Reeves

Ladies Day

Date 07th June 2017  by Administration  

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