Betrayal and Blessing

Date 12th August 2018  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Mark 14:12-31

Mark sandwiches the beauty of the Lord’s Supper between accounts of betrayal and abandonment. As we celebrate the Lord’s Supper this evening we need to be reminded of the beauty of the supper as it is surrounded by the very people (just like us) who need the grace extended through it.

Gospel Truth

Date 12th August 2018  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage 3 John 1-14

In a world where the very idea of truth is questioned and claims to know the truth are seen as arrogance, it’s possible to downplay the importance of gospel truth. Sure the truth of the basic gospel matters, but how much beyond that? But the Bible is clear, truth matters. Why does it matter? And

The Fight (Forge Sunday)

Date 05th August 2018  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Galations 5:16-26

You may not realise it, but you are in a fight, a battle, but it is ‘no longer I, but Christ in me.’ As believers, we have freedom in Christ. But freedom in Christ doesn’t mean a life without conflict but it does mean the possibility of life without defeat. That is a huge encouragement

Gospel Shaped Love

Date 05th August 2018  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage 3 John 1-14

What does it look like to love your fellow believers with gospel shaped love? The little letter of 3 John gives us wonderful insight into that. John writes to encourage his friend Gaius and, as he does, we get a to watch true gospel friendship in action. This is a simple but profoundly encouraging example

Jonah, Amazing Grace

Date 29th July 2018  by Jeremy de Vries  Bible passage Jonah

Jonah was pushed by God to recognise both God’s sovereignty and his own need for grace. He wasn’t happy about what God was asking him to do, but he obeyed regardless and God used him. But whether he knew it or not, Jonah had an even bigger role in explaining the grace of God. He

Building a Body Together

Date 29th July 2018  by Jono Deenick  Bible passage Ephesians 4:11-16

As I start my ministry here it Redlands CRC it seemed a great time to take a look at what the church is supposed to be, at least in part. What is my role? What are we aiming for? Paul, using the image of the church as body gives us an idea in Eph 4.

Waste or Worship?

Date 22nd July 2018  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Mark 14:1-11

In the midst of hatred and betrayal Mark records and act of simple and costly devotion. Sensing where the life of Jesus was headed and being unable to alter that course in an act of love and faith she did what she could for Jesus. The question that is drawn out from the passage is

An Encouragement to Pray

Date 15th July 2018  by Ryan Hemelaar  Bible passage

Watch and Be Ready

Date 15th July 2018  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Mark 13

Mark 13 is a difficult chapter to grab hold of as it is full of Old Testament ideas and images and Jesus intertwines two strands of teaching into one. What we can know is that there are three things which give us encouragement. First, Jesus forewarned us that things would happen; God is not surprised.

The Cost of Worship

Date 08th July 2018  by Jim de Witte  Bible passage Mark 12:38-44

At first glance it appears that this passage in Mark is about sacrificial giving; that the widow who gave two small copper coins is giving so much more out of her poverty than the rich are giving out of their abundance and so we too should give sacrificially like the widow. However, in a closer

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Gather Together

Date: 06 May 2018, 18:05 by Load Audio & Video

As a church, we have said that Gathering people to Christ is a central part of who we are and what we do as a Church. But why? Why can’t we just stream Jim’s message from the comfort of your homes? Why do we have to gather together as a church? In a modern society

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A Living Parable

Date: 08 April 2018, 10:04 by Load Audio & Video

We have been dipping in and out of Mark’s gospel for some time. We left it last time, just before the Triumphal entry. We pick it up again, with the teaching of Jesus through the last week of His earthly life, the time between Palm Sunday and His crucifixion. Jesus packs a lot of activity

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He Gave His Only-Begotten Son

Date: 22 April 2018, 10:04 by Load Audio & Video

Over against the war-scarred, sin-strangled world, let us reflect on the wonder of wonders in the text of texts. The measure of love is always its willingness to give; its capacity for sacrifice. In giving Christ, God gives us all things in Him. He leaves the throne of heaven for a stable in Bethlehem and

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Spiritual Games

Date: 29 April 2018, 10:04 by Load Audio & Video

We have witnessed two great sporting events this year, the Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. Maybe you’ve been excited and amazed at the achievements of all the athletes and marvelled at the amount of time and practice required to reach Games standards. The modern Olympics were inspired by ancient games held in Olympia, Greece,

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The Murdered Son

Date: 22 April 2018, 18:04 by Load Audio & Video

Today, the story is simple. A man has a vineyard and he rents it to some farmers. They misuse his property and want to keep it for themselves. When he sends messengers to collect what is rightfully his, the farmers beat them and kill them. Eventually he sends his son and they kill him, too.

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